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"Clothes aren't going to change the World.

The Women who wear them will."



White Stamp took its first steps in London, through the first co-founders Marta Rito and Pedro Santos. The two fashion enthusiasts and supporters of a circular economy were aiming to reconcile the desire of always being in fashion, the lack of space in their wardrobes and an easy access to conscious consumption habits. They decided to embark on the search for a solution that would answer the challenge of capitalising fashion items they no longer use in a simple, quick and safe way. With a knowledge gap in the software development area, they easily saw their ideas move from paper to screen as soon as Rui Mendes joined the project. With the three members, the basis was created for the implementation of a new consumption model that aims to revolutionise the fashion world.


We believe that collaboration between brands and consumers is, in the long run, the key to building a promising future. It is in this line of thought that White Stamp came up with the SELL 1 BUY 1 program - an initiative that benefits from the circular economy to improve consumers' shopping experience, making the resale model convenient and accessible in the brands they identify with.

The proposal is simple: to connect the first with the second-hand market through a circular consumption model. Customers can sell their used fashion items to finance new purchases at partner brands. The items sent to White Stamp are reintroduced in the market as second-hand goods, promoting their reuse.

The objective is clear: to reduce the volume of items standing in our wardrobes, with value and in good condition, increasing their life cycle. Thus, not only we capture value, but we also contribute to the reduction of textile waste and, consequently, the pressure on our Planet's resources.


​Empower fashion retailers to adopt

​a circular, profitable and efficient program

​in their current business model.


​Scale circular consumption habits

in the fashion industry.


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