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"The most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe."



It is estimated that each European has, on average, €1100 worth of items they no longer use sitting in their wardrobes. This silent waste promotes overproduction and consequent scarcity of resources. At White Stamp we believe that it is possible to do more and better with less.


is a keyword at White Stamp and the reason why we encourage all consumers to reorganize their wardrobes and find a solution for the items that remain shelved year after year.

92% of all items received go back into circulation and find a new owner in the second-hand market. We sell through different second-hand stores/platforms and, whenever possible, we partner with local stores in the markets where we operate.


the action we favor when an item does not meet the Sell 1 Buy 1 program’s conditions of sale and, for this reason, cannot be sold in the second-hand market. Some imperfections make the resale impossible, but it does not mean these items cannot continue to fulfill their original purpose.

Therefore, the White Stamp team periodically visits the São Cirilo Center in Porto and ensures that all these items arrive in perfect condition to the wardrobes of those who need the most.


is our proposal for items that do not meet the requirements of the second-hand market, nor can be used in their initial version, but have the potential to be transformed. Circle for Purpose is our partner in this mission – from recovered scraps, unique pieces become home textiles or small fashion accessories. All these items are later sold on the brand's platform.


is the last resource for items that arrive at White Stamp. When we cannot guarantee that an item will be resold on the second-hand market, offered to a charity or reinvented to take on a new role, the destination is an appropriate recycling facility to ensure that your waste is used for other industrial sectors: automotive, agricultural, construction, etc.


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